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Squarez Deluxe - MS-DOS

Squarez Deluxe2.txt Squarez Deluxe Squarez resembles Tetris in the sense that you have to put the sets of tiles together in certain patterns to make them disappear in order to make room for more tiles (repeat endlessly if you're lucky or skilled). Unlike vertical Tetris action, Squarez plays horizontally, and instead of lines you try to connect 3x3 squarez blocks (hmm, they can also be called bloxz or something like that ...). In addition to the usual uncompromising, though misbehaving normal locks, there are also many special locks that have both beneficial and not-so-beneficial effects. Many of them are fun, especially in the two-player mode. I have to warn you, this one is very addictive and the two player mode is pretty cool too - however there is a bug in it - instead of counting the usual player points the game should keep the score on won matches or something more original as it is quite boring when the second player loses, the second player is expected to continue his, however, you can always press ESC and start the next one (and save the result manually, for that matter). So this game is highly recommended. Two thumbs up!