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Star Command Revolution - MS-DOS

Star Command Revolution2.txt Star Command Revolution It was originally released in 1997 for MS-DOS and was re-released in 1998 for Microsoft Windows under the title Star Command Deluxe. This re-release has been overshadowed by its contemporary, Starcraft. The sequel, Star Command X: Armada, appears after the campaign is successfully completed, but was never produced. So they changed the title to just Armada, and it was released on November 26, 1999. The main plot follows the interspecies conflict in the Zeta galaxy after the discovery of an energy source called "Solinite". The races that previously coexisted peacefully begin to fight each other for control of the Solinite until a few political killings allow the tyrannical chief Narvek to take over the galaxy. A small group of rebels who call themselves "Star Command" fight Narvek in an attempt to dethrone him and restore peace to the galaxy. The non-linear campaign mode puts the player under the control of a mothership led by Star Command to destroy Narvek. This mother ship is the only ship that can harvest resources and build other stations and ships. Each campaign battle takes place in one of 31 separate rectangular sectors where the player must build enough ships to conquer enemy battalions while managing long-term resource consumption; resources are limited and ships and stations (other than the mother ship) cannot be transferred between sectors. Most sectors have a goal, usually to destroy enemy fleets or stations. Players who complete these tasks are rewarded with permanent bonuses such as increasing the harvest speed of the Mothership. Battles get more and more difficult as the player approaches Narvek's base. Each battle begins in a sector completely obscured by the fog of war. Areas a player explores become permanently visible, regardless of whether or not the player has any ships in that area.