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Star Crusader - MS-DOS

Star Crusader2.txt Star Crusader Star Crusader is a fun space combat game in which, at the controls of a spaceship, you fight other deadly ships that are against you. Kill or be killed. Nothing more. While it can be compared to the Wing Commander series in terms of gameplay and visual quality, the latter is definitely light years ahead in terms of AI quality and performance. A definite advantage of this game is the large number of missions to be solved, and they differ in content, so in one you can destroy another ship, and in others you will be able to perform simple reconnaissance. This will create a sense of diversity so that you will not be bored soon! The only thing that may question the quality of the game is the AI, whose performance is below average, so the game may not be as demanding as you would like. Still, it can be a good thing for newbies to these games, so make the most of it as much as you can. As mentioned before, the graphics are really very good so at times you will feel like you are there. Although it's not perfect.