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Star Wars Dark Forces - MS-DOS

Star Wars Dark Forces2.txt Star Wars Dark Forces Star Wars: Dark Forces is the first first person shooter (FPP) set in the Star Wars universe. The game was produced by LucasArts studio in 1996. The title tried to discount the success of Doom, which was extremely popular at that time, by offering greater complexity in the construction of the location, as well as by adding the ability to move the hand-held weapon up and down. The main character of the game is Kyle Katarn, until recently a soldier of the Empire, now a mercenary, preferring the offered remuneration over ideological and political aspects. Katarn, hired by the Rebel Alliance, travels to one of the Empire's bases to steal plans for the Death Star combat station. In this way, our protagonist becomes embroiled in an intrigue that entails a secret project by Darth Vader called "Dark Trooper". Discovering who or what these elite soldiers are becomes the mercenary's main task. Until Walt Disney took over the license for the Star Wars franchise, Kyle Katar's adventures were part of the canon of this universe, however, after 2012, the story of Star Wars: Dark Forces changed its status to Legend - an alternative and non-canonical story. Dark Forces consists of fourteen missions, which are divided into smaller tasks. In addition to performing them, you also need to look for colored cards that will allow you to unlock the next part of a given location. In the mid-nineties, this was a popular way for many to extend playtime. All missions combine into a logical whole, thanks to which the story element in LucasArts' work is much more marked than in the competition of that time. The locations explored in the game are very large. The creators dealt with the technical problems of the graphics engine and created multi-level levels, introducing a new element of fun to the game - the ability to shoot characters also on the lower or higher floors of the building through the function of vertical manipulation of the weapon held by the hero.