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Star Wars Rebel Assault - MS-DOS

Star Wars Rebel Assault2.txt Star Wars Rebel Assault Star Wars: Rebel Assault is one of the few reasons why it was worth getting a CD player in 1993. Although this large-scale "rail shooter" can hardly be called an outstanding program, it must be honestly admitted that it used to be shocking, especially with what could be seen on the screen. The player takes on the role of a pilot with the meaningful nickname "Rookie One" and stands up to fight the Empire, which wants to nip the Rebel Alliance in the bud. As befits a classic rail shooter, the player does not have much influence on the movement of his ship, he can only slightly deviate when trying to avoid contact with an obstacle, aim and destroy incoming enemies. Of course, this applies only to the boards in which our ship is observed from the first or third person perspective. In Rebel Assault there are also stages where our hero, with a faithful blaster in his hand, will annihilate the enemy's soldiers. Here, in turn, we have fully static backgrounds and the only possibility of movement is leaning out and taking a shot. During the game we will be able to go crazy on Tatooine in the T16 Skyhopper cabin, fight TIE Fighters in the asteroid field, try to destroy AT-AT walkers and recreate the famous raid in the "channel", whose aim is to destroy the Death Star. Thanks to these and no other solutions, the game is linear to the point of pain, which makes it boring quickly. The authors, trying to diversify the gameplay a bit, decided to introduce three levels of difficulty - but it was not enough. Generally, Rebel Assault should be treated in terms of a natural curiosity, presenting the possibilities hidden in the CD. At a time when standard titles did not exceed a dozen or so megabytes, it was a real novelty.