Stelcon 2469 - MS-DOS

Stelcon 24692.txt Stelcon 2469 Stelcon 2469 is a small space strategy game in which up to 5 space empires fight for domination in a famous galaxy! Top-down 2D strategy, though relatively strong, is also very simple, very easy to control and understand, more like a relaxing game for short skirmishes than playing for big campaigns that last for years. But despite this, Stelcon 2469 is still a very satisfying game as important elements of the strategy have been incorporated and also kept in such a simple and straightforward way. Otherwise, you can select multiple units and move them around, you can produce starships of varying strength, and you can create smaller or larger fleets depending on how you want them to look. Everything is pretty nice and well produced and with that in mind you can be sure you will have a lot of fun with this game. Likewise, download Space Empires IV, much more detailed, graphically better and easy to play.