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Stonekeep - MS-DOS

Stonekeep2.txt Stonekeep Stonekeep is a cRPG adventure game in which, as Drake, we have to stop the cursed Khull-Khumma and restore the Fortress to its glory. It is a typical maze game in three-dimensional full-screen mode, but the ability to move is limited to moving from field to field and rotating only 90 degrees. In the game, we play the role of an adventurer, Drake, who escapes from the fortress, whose inhabitants turn into skeletons and zombies. After a few years, he returns to find the cause of what happened. His former home has become the home of monsters such as bandits, snakes, and sorcerers, against whom he must defeat the blade of his sword. In Stonekeep, we traverse three-dimensional corridors fighting enemies in real time. As he gains experience, Drake develops his martial arts skills and acquires new properties. All activities are performed almost completely with the mouse.