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Super Angelo - MS-DOS

Super Angelo2.txt Super Angelo Super Angelo is a shareware side-scrolling platformer very similar to Super Mario Bros. in terms of design, gameplay and story. It is based on code from an earlier game by the same developer, which is essentially an unofficial DOS version of Super Mario Bros. Game Action Super Angelo takes place in a fantasy land terrorized by three dragons that have taken over all the castles. As the title Angelo, the player must defeat them all and ultimately save the princess trapped by dragons. Progressing through the levels requires collecting coins, upgrades, and avoiding or eliminating enemies. Some enhancements transform Angelo into a stronger Super Angelo, while others additionally add the ability to fire projectiles and move faster. This version of Super Angelo was designed for personal computers running MS-DOS (Microsoft Disk Operating System), which was the operating system developed by Microsoft in 1981. It was the most widely used operating system in the first half of the nineties. MS-DOS shipped with most IBM computers that had purchased a license from Microsoft. After 1995, it was replaced by a more graphically advanced system - Windows, and its development was discontinued in 2000.