Superfrog - MS-DOS

Superfrog2.txt Superfrog Superfrog is a cult platformer from 1993, which made an amazing sensation among Amiga computer users. The PC conversion, released several months later, did not arouse such enthusiasm, although both programs practically did not differ in any way, both in terms of beautiful visuals and overall sweetness. The rules of the game are relatively simple and transparent. To complete a given level, you need to collect a certain amount of coins (maximum 99 pieces) and find an exit. A large number of enemies as well as stationary defensive measures in the form of spikes will hinder the task. Some of the monsters can be killed by jumping on them from above, others are killed by the ball thrown by the frog. Each contact with the opponent ends with the loss of our hero's energy, and when it finally runs out, we say goodbye to one of several lives. As befits a real platformer, there will be a lot of jumping, as well as treasures and secret rooms on the way. The game is divided into six different lands, consisting of four smaller stages. After completing each of them, we go to the screen with the one-armed bandit, where we can win extra lives, points or codes for individual boards. Superfrog is one of the best two-dimensional platformers ever released on PC. Fabulously colorful graphics, suggestive music corresponding to the atmosphere of a given land and amazing gameplay are the three factors that made it popular. Although the game is not the easiest game (especially the system of winning codes is annoying), it is worth spending some time on it.