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Syndicate - MS-DOS

Syndicate2.txt Syndicate Syndicate is a return to the world of the cult production of the same title, which was served in 1993 by Bullfrog Productions, a studio owned by Peter Molyneux. The title takes us to the cyberpunk reality known from the original, but this time we are not dealing with a tactical game, but with a dynamic first-person shooter. Syndicate presents the grim reality of the future world of 2069, divided into three mega-corporations. Cayman Global, Aspari and Eurocorp rule every part of the US economy and fight bloody battles with each other. We play the role of a member of the last of them, Miles Kilo, and we are thrown into a whirlwind of intricate intrigue. While having fun, fans of the series have the opportunity to come across well-known locations and catch many references to the original. As befits a modern shooter, in Syndicate we get a whole arsenal of futuristic weapons, and in addition, kilograms of useful gadgets and nano-improvements that allow us, among other things, to increase our skills in time, see through walls, and even slow down time. In addition to the single-player campaign, the creators also prepared an extensive multiplayer mode. Its greatest advantage is the ability to visit, together with three companions, locations created on the basis of the maps from the original Syndicate and perform missions in them strongly related to those we know from the original. We also get the opportunity to manage our own syndicate, conduct research and equip agents with new technologies.