Syndicate Wars - MS-DOS

Syndicate Wars2.txt Syndicate Wars A science fiction production combining elements of action and strategy games. Syndicate Wars from Bullfrog Productions studio allows you to play the role of a commander of well-trained futuristic soldiers. The continuation of the 1993 hit Syndicate, which combines elements of an action game and strategy. The title is based on identical assumptions and again allows you to lead a squad of cyber soldiers in a number of dangerous missions. The year 2191. The EuroCorp syndicate, which won power over the world in the previous installment of the series, is doing great. One day, however, the introduced order is threatened when the Harbringer virus appears unexpectedly, which eliminates the operation of the technology used by the authorities to control the minds of citizens. An uprising breaks out, and soon after, the Church of the New Era, founded by rebels, declares open war on EuroCorp. The struggle begins, and the fate of the world depends on its outcome. The camera presents the action in Syndicate Wars in an isometric view, but you can rotate it freely. The player takes control of a four-person squad that must lead to a specific goal. Individual soldiers can be directed by their own hands or act in accordance with predetermined guidelines. The combat capabilities of artificial intelligence are developed in the course of the game, along with successive cyber implants. Prepared missions differ in assumptions, but most are based on the task of eliminating a specific person or capturing them and brainwashing them to change sides of the conflict. The title requires careful planning of activities, which is helped by an unlimited view of the entire board from the very beginning of a given level.Syndicate Wars successfully combines elements of action and strategy games. The player not only has to prove himself on the battlefield, but also manage resources. It is crucial to ensure the proper condition of subordinates, their weapons and armor, as well as proper financing of working scientists who will provide more perfect and deadly equipment. The creators took care of a wide range of weapons and gadgets, including pistols, rifles, pulse cannons, but also nuclear grenades and explosives. The latter are used to destroy the infrastructures encountered.