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Tank Wars - MS-DOS

Tank Wars2.txt Tank Wars Tank Wars is a shareware game for two to ten players based on the same ideas as Artillery and is a more famous cousin of Scorched Earth. Each player can be computer controlled and there are seven different styles of computer opponent. The game can be played with the keyboard, the mouse, and the length of the match can be set from one to ninety-nine games. Players command tanks that are placed on a randomly generated landscape. At the top of the screen there are controls that select the angle of the shot, the power of the shot, the type of weapon thrown, as well as information showing who is firing, direction and wind speed. The game has a lot of configuration options that change the way the earth crumbles, what happens when a shot disappears from the screen, whether arrows and / or their tracks are visible and much more along with the option of team play. The game has sound and is optional.