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Teenagent - MS-DOS

Teenagent2.txt Teenagent Teenagent is one of the best and at the same time one of the first completely Polish adventure games. In 1994, it was released in our country by the CD Projekt company, and programmers from the Metropolis Software House team are responsible for its creation. It is a classic point & click adventure game made entirely in two-dimensional graphics, modeled on the great hits of LucasArts, such as Monkey Island or Day of the Tentacle. The player directs the actions of a teenager, Mark Hopper, who was recruited completely by accident to serve in the secret RGB organization, or to be more precise, he was simply randomly selected from the phone book. Gold bars literally disappear from banks in mysterious circumstances, in front of the guards' eyes, and no one else, but our hero, has to solve the mystery of these crimes. The game starts in the RGB training camp, where, after undergoing basic training, we start working. The action of Teenagent takes place in three large locations, i.e. the RGB camp, the village and the estate of Jan Œciewa, the main suspect in the case of unexplained thefts. At the time of its inception, the game presented itself very decently, both in terms of audiovisual performance and the general level of dialogues and puzzles, and in addition it was filled with good humor, which ensured its success and favor of players not only in our country, but also in border. In 1995, a new version of the Teenagent game was released on CD-ROM. It contained recorded dialogues of the characters.