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Terminal Velocity - MS-DOS

Terminal Velocity2.txt Terminal Velocity Terminal Velocity is a futuristic action game in which we control the prototype TV-202 fighter, which is characterized by, among other things, great handling, a powerful afterburner and energy shields. During the adventure, we focus on completing missions that usually involve eliminating enemy buildings and ships. The plot of Terminal Velocity is set in 2704, in a world plagued by space wars. Earth is a member of the ASFAR alliance to counter all military conflict between the races. For this purpose, as a preventive measure, ASFAR uses the cybernetic Perimeter Defense Computers (PDC) system, which guards from space that no ASFAR members mobilize the army. At some point, for reasons unknown, the PDC attacks Earth. Despite the power of the attack, humanity manages to survive and then construct the extremely technologically advanced TV-202 fighter. The player sits at the controls of this machine and is tasked with destroying all forces of the invaders. The main campaign was divided into three episodes. In each of them, we visit three different planets characterized by different climatic conditions, as well as the units that occur on them. Shot down objects drop power-ups that increase e.g. the strength of shields. We also spend a lot of time exploring extensive tunnels. Inside, the player loses the ability to rotate freely. Due to the fact that the TV-202 has a special system counteracting the force of gravity, low speed flight does not cause falling down, which makes maneuvering much easier. Terminal Velocity has full 3D graphics, but does not support 3D accelerators. We observe the action in the default resolution of 320x240 pixels and a palette of 256 colors.