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Terrafire - MS-DOS

Terrafire2.txt Terrafire TerraFire is a multi-directional shooter for MS-DOS. It was originally released on October 1, 1997 as shareware with a demo that limits the player to the first eight levels only. In 2005, TerraFire was re-released as freeware. The game is best called a shooter, but unlike most games of its genre, the player can move in any direction, with physics similar to the 1979 arcade game Asteroids. Projectile patterns from enemies and obstacles are also much rarer and predictable, and there are no bosses. The full version of the game has a total of 27 levels, with every fourth level being a bonus level which is a clone of the aforementioned Asteroids. Normal levels that scroll both horizontally and vertically and curl horizontally have gravity and are completed by finding a nuke and dragging it from the top of the level. TerraFire uses pre-rendered 3D graphics and animation.