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The Adventures Of Captain Comic - MS-DOS

The Adventures Of Captain Comic2.txt The Adventures Of Captain Comic The Adventures of Captain Comic is a platform game written by Michael Denio for MS-DOS compatible operating systems and released as shareware in 1988. Entertainment System and announced the trend of shareware platform games in the early 90's. The NES version was later released by Color Dreams as an unlicensed title. The sequel, Captain Comic II: Fractured Reality, was released in 1990. The game is split into several main areas, with each area generally divided into three smaller "zones". The transition between zones plays a short tune and signifies "safe point" as all enemies are removed from the screen and the position of the comic is saved. A comic has twelve "shield" (health) points, but each time an enemy hits it, two points are removed. When the shield is reduced to 0, the Comic is still alive but will die on the next hit. From time to time, you can find shields that instantly replenish the comic's health to full, and if it's already full, give it an extra life. The comic starts the game with four lives and the maximum can go up to five. If the Comic is killed by falling from the bottom of the screen or being hit with no remaining shield points, life is lost and it returns to the point where it last entered that zone. If all lives die, the game is over. Enemies in the games exhibit different behaviors, ranging from bouncing off walls and predetermined paths to creatures that seek out the player and turn to follow the comic as he passes. Enemies are usually confined to their own area (for example, Space Pollen is only on the Moon) and some move faster than others. All enemies have the same gameplay property, which is that if they touch the comic, the enemy is destroyed and the comic takes two points of damage from the shield. After picking up the Blastol Cola (the first one is at the very beginning of the game), the Comic can shoot enemies. If it hits an opponent, he is destroyed and points are scored. There are up to 5 extra lives, and each player earning an extra life once he has reached his maximum receives a full shield charge and a large point bonus. The player gets an extra life for every 50,000 points scored, the bonus still applies if the player wins the game and has enough extra lives to exceed this goal. (Lives can also be awarded for fully charging shields or collecting treasure items.