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The Beast Within A Gabriel Knight Mystery - MS-DOS

The Beast Within A Gabriel Knight Mystery2.txt The Beast Within A Gabriel Knight Mystery Sequel of the dark adventure game Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers, in which our hero followed the trail of a mysterious, satanic riddle. As for its time, it became a breakthrough both in the field of applied graphics and the topics it dealt with. This part not only uses a completely new kind of graphics, ie Full Motion Video (interactive movie), but also brings it to the top of the technical possibilities of the time, which led to it being awarded for the best adventure game of 1996, among other things. on winning this award. Also, or maybe above all, it was an extensive and engaging storyline. Players take on the characters of the title Gabriel Knight and his faithful assistant Grace Nakimura. Together, they begin a painstaking investigation into seemingly unrelated murders. The action takes place in many interesting places located in German Bavaria. On our way, we will visit many authentic places, such as the old town of Munich or the picturesque castle of Ludwig II. Both of them will come across bizarre facts in their searches that will lead them to mysterious places and legends related to the mad king, the great composer Richard Wagner, and the Bavarian noble known as the Black Wolf. They will discover that the truth can be really scary.