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The Catacomb Abyss - MS-DOS

The Catacomb Abyss2.txt The Catacomb Abyss You play the role of a mage who is summoned by the townspeople to defeat his ancient nemesis once again. After defeating Nemesis in the past, his subordinates erected a huge museum in his honor, as a result of which the inhabitants are forced to live under the rule of horror. You must venture into the catacombs again, defeat the nemesis and free the city's inhabitants. Catacomb Abyss is a first-person fantasy shooter. As in the previous game in the series, you play the role of a mage who, thanks to fireballs, can fight enemies and destroy entire sections of walls. You can find bolts and nukes that are more effective weapons, but are disposable healing potions, hint scrolls, and keys. However, unlike in Catacombs 3-D where you spent the entire game in a dungeon, here you will get to know different environments, both inside and outside. New enemies will appear, such as zombies emerging from the ground or skeletons emerging from the walls. A new feature in the game is the radar that shows the location of enemies. However, you need to find gems of different colors to use it effectively; each gem allows you to see a specific enemy type on the radar. There is no compass in the game, but different map areas still have specific names.