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The Dig - MS-DOS

The Dig2.txt The Dig A group of American scientists discover that huge asteroids are approaching the Earth, which in the event of a collision with the planet could lead to a natural catastrophe. A decision is made to send a group of astronauts to explore the space object and eventually destroy it. Will a team of retired cosmonaut Boston Low, journalist Maggie Robbins and archaeologist Brink be able to save the planet? Or maybe by studying the meteorite they will come across a greater threat? The player will learn all of this if he has the courage to face the challenge that awaits him after starting The Dig. Without a doubt, this is the most underrated adventure game LucasArts has ever made. The script prepared by Steven Spielberg is not particularly original, but it is certainly a solid story about the struggle of man with the inevitable evil, first in the form of an asteroid rushing towards Earth, then an alien civilization. The game differs from the canon of typically entertaining adventures, served by LucasArts from the very beginning. Of course, in The Dig we will also meet comedy threads, but they are in the minority, besides, the humor is quite heavy in reception and not everyone has to like it. As the program does not contain a large number of characters to talk to, making decisions by means of dialogues takes a back seat. There are many logic puzzles in The Dig that are more characteristic of Myst than the company's previous products. There are also not many items that can be operated, so a player who is used only to manipulating the equipment may not be able to deal with the puzzles. The interface is a classic "point & click", in which actions are taken depending on what the mouse cursor is currently pointing at. The audiovisual setting is, as usual, simply insane at LucasArts, although on the other hand, not everyone must be delighted with the all-encompassing emptiness that is shared by the environment almost at every step. The Dig is a game of many contradictions, which, however, defends itself with an unconventional approach to the subject and an interesting plot, and the latter is the most important in adventure games. Certainly it is a product for true connoisseurs, a player looking for entertainment typical of other LucasArts productions will not find anything interesting here.