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The Incredible Machine - MS-DOS

The Incredible Machine2.txt The Incredible Machine The Incredible Machine is the first installment in perhaps the most famous series of logic games ever to appear on PC screens. The main task of the program is to assemble machines from various parts in such a way as to achieve the goal assumed at the beginning of each stage after their start-up. Each system on the board is called a "machine". In order for it to work properly, it must be supplemented with the missing elements. There are quite a few of the latter in the game, but not all of them will be available at a given stage. Usually there is only one way to solve the problem, although this is not necessarily the case - if you have more parts at your disposal, there is usually some alternative way to get through the board. The initial stages are mainly used to familiarize yourself with the rules governing the game and to use the available elements effectively. Later, the experience acquired in this way should be successively used and more and more complicated systems should be launched. 87 murderous boards have been prepared for intellectual geeks. If that's not enough, you can use the easy-to-use editor, let your imagination run wild and make some of your own brain-slapping "machines". Its greatest advantage is the enormous intellectual charge that stimulates spatial imagination. Besides, as for 1993, it is very decent - in those days, the use of high definition was really rare.