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The Legend Of Kyrandia - MS-DOS

The Legend Of Kyrandia2.txt The Legend Of Kyrandia At a time when the productions of Sierra and LucasArts were in the lead in this field, The Legend of Kyrandia appeared and literally charmed fans of this genre, which resulted in the release of two more parts of it. In the eyes of many players, this title not only equaled the competition's products, but also left them behind, both in terms of the quality of the audiovisual setting, as well as the plot and general gameplay. The player takes on the role of Brandon, grandson of the powerful wizard Kallak from the island of Kyrandia. Malcolm, a psychotic jester who has committed a terrible crime in the past and has been imprisoned by Kallak, escapes to freedom, seeking revenge on Kallak and take control of Kyrandia. Tricky turns Kallak into a boulder and takes control of Kyrandia ... and Brandon stands in his way. Next was a very addictive and unforgettable adventure. The game is equipped with very good, then captivating two-dimensional graphics, for which the developers from Westwood Studios received well-deserved applause, the same applies to the sound setting, which could not be faulted. The whole picture of this production is completed by an extremely intuitive interface.