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The Lion King - MS-DOS

The Lion King2.txt The Lion King Disney The Lion King is a classic platformer developed by Westwood Studios. The title appeared, among others, on the PC platform. The story presented in Disney The Lion King was based on the plot of the animated film called The Lion King - the position tries to recreate the events presented in it as faithfully as possible. During the game, we play the role of the lion Simba, whose goal is to throw Scar from the throne - the usurper guilty of the death of Mufasa, i.e. the father of our ward. In the course of the adventure, we observe the transformation of the main character - from a young and quite clumsy kitten to a proud and strong lion. In The Lion King, released on the PC Disney platform, ten main stages await completion, set in places known from the original film; They are complemented by bonus levels in which we take control of Timon and Pumbaa. During the game, the action is presented from the side (the exception is the mission The Stampede, in which we watch Simba escaping from the herd of antelopes from the front). The game is about going to the right, jumping over platforms and avoiding the traps waiting for the protagonist. In the course of the struggle, we also face our opponents - although young Simba annihilates the adversaries by jumping on their heads, over time he learns to roar and stun enemies in this way, throw enemies or finally scratch their claws. It is worth remembering that the hero has a limited number of lives, which he loses when his health indicator drops to zero. In addition, during the game we collect various worms - while some regenerate the roar and health bars, others permanently extend them and give you access to the previously mentioned bonus stages.