The Lost Vikings - Sega Mega Drive/Genesis

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The Lost Vikings An arcade and logic game. It tells the adventure of three Vikings: Eryk Chyży, Baleog Srogy and Olaf Tęgi, who must defeat Tomator, the ruler of the planet Crouton and return home. Three Vikings: Eryk Chyży, Baleog Srogi and Olaf Tęgi - decided to go hunting. The expedition would have been a complete success, if not for an accident. Well, the evil ruler of the planet Crouton, a certain Tomator decided to kidnap the heroes and put them in his museum of curiosities. As you can easily guess, it is the player who will enjoy a dangerous adventure in which the main task will be to defeat the overgrown monster and return home. The game was made by a group with the unmistakable name of Silicon & Synapse. Probably many of you will be surprised to learn that these are the same people who in the field of computer entertainment, already as Blizzard Entertainment, later began to be extremely successful. The Lost Vikings is an arcade game with a strongly accentuated adventure thread. To complete each of the 36 stages prepared by the developers, you need to reach the exit with all available heroes, which of course will not be as easy as it might seem at first. The Vikings have unique abilities and not every road to the desired freedom will be available to them. Eric can jump and break walls with his head, Baleog is a typical warrior - he can shoot a bow and knock down enemies with his sword, while Olaf, whose main weapon is a shield, will block enemy attacks with it. The key to success is the effective combination of Viking skills and clever use of items strewn here and there. Overall, The Lost Vikings is a difficult and challenging game. The initial stages serve only to familiarize ourselves with the skills of the Vikings, then we are thrown into the deep water, where we have to use these experiences successfully. A large number of enemies, cleverly hidden items and the intricate structure of the stages do not make the task any easier. The program is intended for lovers of platformers, but rather those who do not mind a lot of intellectual effort.