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The Need For Speed - MS-DOS

The Need For Speed2.txt The Need For Speed The first part of the legendary series of car racing, considered by many speed freaks as one of the best titles in history. The Need For Speed ??is the only game in the series that was not produced by Electronic Arts. The giant is solely responsible for its release. Thanks to this, the game definitely stands out from its continuators. After choosing a vehicle, the player starts the race. There are several different modes to choose from. For example, you can race against a single opponent or a whole group. There are seven routes at the player's disposal. There are both closed tracks and sections set on traditional roads - with the start and finish in different places. During the race, in addition to fighting the opponents, the player must bear in mind the police, who are only waiting for an opportunity to catch a road pirate and civilian vehicles (only open routes). Eight demons of speed are at the player's disposal. Among them, we will not find machines whose power does not exceed 230HP. You can choose only the cult vehicles: Dodge Viper, Porsche 911, Chevrolet Corvette, Mazda RX-7, Toyota Supra, Honda NSX. The stakes are closed by the two fastest "cars": Lamborghini Diablo and Ferrari Testarossa. In addition, there is one hidden (fictional) car in the game. The driving model is directed towards realism. The vehicles cannot be damaged in any way. Each of them behaves differently. Experienced players will sense significant differences in the behavior of front and rear drive cars. An extensive encyclopedia is an additional advantage of the program. There you can read about the technical data of each of the cars and watch spectacular videos that show them in action.