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The Pack Rat - MS-DOS

The Pack Rat2.txt The Pack Rat Peter Pack Rat is a 1985 platform game developed and published by Atari Games for the Atari System 1 arcade hardware. It was programmed by Peter Thompson, with artwork by Debbie Hayes and music by Brad Fuller. The game was produced only in small numbers, either as a standalone locker or as a retrofit kit to existing ones.Peter Pack Rat is a platform game where the player controls Peter, the herd rat who has to collect items such as bottles, cans or keys and take them away back to the starting point to complete each level. There are three unique stages in the game that repeat over a set cycle - a junkyard, a sewer, and a large tree - with a changing layout, number of enemies, and number of objects required each time. The main obstacles are a group of enemies known as "The Gang", including Riff Rat and the Rats of Flatbush, Clawd the cat, Scrapper the Bulldog, Sticky the Spider, Slugger the Bat, Big Al the Alligator, Diamond Jim the Snakei Night Owl . Peter can pick up and throw additional items to stun enemies, and also allows him to ride some of them around the scene. Points are awarded based on the time remaining to collect all items and the number of stunned enemies. The game offers four difficulty levels that you can choose before starting the game - easy, medium, hard and good luck - that change the starting level. Jeff Peters has the official high score of 910,875 points scored at the Camelot Arcade in Anaheim, California on March 20, 1986.