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The Settlers - MS-DOS

The Settlers2.txt The Settlers The Settlers is the eighth installment in the cult series of strategy games that was born in 1993; production is also a reboot. The game was developed by the German studio Blue Byte, which is responsible for the development of the series. The same team has also been taking care of the Anno brand since 2006. The Settlers is a return to proven solutions from the third and fourth installments of the series. We play the role of the leader of one of the three factions (Elari, Maru and Jorn), and our primary goal is to expand the settlement as much as possible and fight against the enemy tribes that surround us. We will achieve success by taking care of the military and, above all, economic facilities. The so-called landmarks, i.e. special places on the map - capturing them provides us with various useful bonuses (e.g. after sacrificing tools, we will receive several weapons needed to recruit soldiers). The key factor in winning or losing is the economy. We must ensure that we do not run out of key resources (e.g. stone, wood or iron ores). We can speed up their production with food - delivering it to the appropriate plant will please our settlers and make them work more efficiently. An important role in the game will be played by engineering units that we can manually control, as well as our soldiers. They discover ore deposits, expand our territory or bring raw materials from the mentioned landmarks discovered on the map to the warehouse.