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Theme Hospital - MS-DOS

Theme Hospital2.txt Theme Hospital Prepared by outstanding specialists in strategy games, Bullfrog studio, Theme Hospital tells about running a medical facility. The creators have also previously developed such hits of the genre as Theme Park, Populous or Syndicate. In Theme Hospital, the player becomes the owner of the hospital, which has to take care of all aspects of the facility's functioning and its development. Success requires proper floor plan planning, thoughtful equipment investments, and research planning. Hiring and training staff is also crucial. Employees available on the market are described by various statistics that affect their skills and behavior. Subsequent good decisions increase the reputation, which increases the popularity of the hospital, and thus the number of arriving customers. Occasionally, the head physician has to face random events, such as a visit by a celebrity, a rat invasion or a technical failure of equipment in the rooms. An important role in Theme Hospital is also played by the hospital's budget management, including by determining the amount of fees for tests or the number of paid diagnoses recommended to patients with specific ailments. The play area is shown in isometric view. As part of the basic module, the authors have prepared several missions in which the player competes with artificial intelligence, trying to achieve the set goals faster. The title additionally allows for multiplayer fun on the local network or via the Internet for up to four people.