Theme Park - Sega Mega Drive/Genesis

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Theme Park Theme Park is an economic strategy in which the player will take care of the expansion and management of the amusement park. The program was prepared by the well-known company Bullfrog in the nineties and is a kind of prototype of the famous RollerCoaster Tycoon series. There are three difficulty levels to choose from, which reflect the tasks that will be waiting for us during the construction of the amusement park. The easiest (Sandbox) focuses only on the location of attractions and shops. The second level (Simulation), in addition to expanding the infrastructure, obliges us to carry out scientific research. Finally, the last one (Full) allows for comprehensive service of the entire amusement park, including the delivery of products to service points. Although initially only one territory is available, new opportunities will open up for the player after the construction of the first funfair. The amount of money in the wallet determines where we will locate the next entertainment center - it is worth noting that each country differs from each other, both in terms of the number of possible customers and the general conditions for development. The game is divided into several separate parts that are closely related to each other. The most important of them is, of course, the construction of the park, which takes place by marking roads, locating attractions / shops and decorating the whole with a rich suit of trees, fences and other eye-catching accessories. The following staff is responsible for the proper functioning of the whole facility: cleaning - collecting rubbish left by children; technical - repairing carousels; entertaining - entertaining customers with funny faces and order - caring for the safety of visitors. In addition to all this, the above-mentioned scientific research allows us to invent new attractions, shops, increase the reliability of previously discovered devices and expand warehouses. If the player has selected the "Full" option, he must also frequently check the condition of the back-end equipment for resources. In the game, we can decide on many factors, ranging from ticket prices, through determining the salary of employees, to increasing the amount of salt in French fries.In its heyday, Theme Park delighted with its audiovisual setting. The whole was realized in isometric projection, taking into account the huge number of visitors who walk around the park, use shops, stand in lines in front of attractions, etc. is alive. The rich soundtrack and a huge number of cutscenes, which reward the player after creating a given attraction, also help in receiving positive emotions.