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Thors Hammer - MS-DOS

Thors Hammer2.txt Thors Hammer Thor's Hammer is a first-person adventure game with small RPG elements in a medieval fantasy setting. The player takes on the role of an unnamed hero, who is commissioned by the sorcerer Tyr to find the mighty Hammer of Thor and use it to clear the land of great evil. The hero's journey takes place in a 2.5D environment not much more advanced than Wolfenstein 3D, but much more colorful and varied, taking the player to remote villages, mines, dungeons, underground caves and castles. The game is divided into three episodes. The first task of the player is to save a small village plagued by various problems, from orc invasions to the threat of necromancers. This is the only episode with a non-linear plot development and a central area from which to enter the dungeons. In the second episode, the protagonist travels in search of the Hammer, and in the third episode, he defeats the demon after finding the Hammer.