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Tom And Jerry - Game Boy

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Fifa 07
Puzzle/Action 4.7 ⭐
Released: 2006
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Card Game 4.6 ⭐
Released: 2002
Sport 4.6 ⭐
Released: 2001
Sport 4.7 ⭐
Released: 2004

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Tom and Jerry - A Classic Cartoon-Themed Game from 1992

Tom and Jerry is a side-scrolling platformer video game based on the classic cartoon series of the same name, released in 1992 for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). The game was developed by Hi Tech Expressions and published by Altron Corporation. Tom and Jerry is known for its fun gameplay, impressive graphics, and nostalgic appeal for fans of the cartoon.

Gameplay and Features

The gameplay of Tom and Jerry involves controlling Jerry, the mouse, through various levels while avoiding obstacles and enemies, primarily Tom, the cat. Jerry can jump and throw cheese as his primary form of attack. The game also features various power-ups, such as extra lives, cheese, and invincibility, that can help Jerry progress through the game.

The game includes several levels, each with different themes and obstacles, including gardens, houses, and kitchens. Players must navigate through each level and reach the end to progress to the next one. The game also includes boss battles, where Jerry must face off against other characters from the cartoon, such as Spike the bulldog.

Graphics and Design

The graphics and design of Tom and Jerry are impressive for its time, with colorful and detailed sprite graphics that bring the cartoon characters to life. The levels are well-designed, with a variety of environments that keep the gameplay fresh and exciting. The game also includes cutscenes that advance the story and provide players with a break from the action.

Music and Sound Effects

The music and sound effects in Tom and Jerry are also noteworthy. The game features a catchy soundtrack that captures the whimsical and playful nature of the cartoon. The sound effects are also well-done, with realistic sounds for the characters' movements and the obstacles they face.


Tom and Jerry is a classic platformer game that offers an entertaining and nostalgic experience for fans of the cartoon series. With its side-scrolling action, variety of levels and obstacles, and power-ups, players can control Jerry as he outwits Tom and navigates through a variety of environments. The graphics, design, music, and sound effects are all impressive for its time, making Tom and Jerry a game worth playing for both fans of the cartoon and platformer games in general.

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