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Tomb Raider - MS-DOS

Tomb Raider2.txt Tomb Raider Tomb Raider is a third-person action game in which the camera presents events from behind the main character's back. The title presents players with an interesting combination of arcade, platform and logic challenges. As Lara, they have to solve complicated puzzles, look for the necessary items and hidden passages, and fight the enemies they meet. Wild animals stand in the way of heroin, but also armed bandits and the effects of genetic mutations. In duels with them, the archaeologist can use two pistols with an infinite number of bullets or a shotgun, two magnums or an Uzi. An additional threat to Croft are deadly traps, which are abundant in the ancient tombs and temples she visits. Each of the fifteen prepared boards also contain secrets to discover, which increase the life of the title and encourage detailed exploration of individual maps. Archaeologist Lara Croft is commissioned to find a mysterious artifact called Scion in a tomb in the Peruvian mountains. The traveler sets off on a difficult journey, which she ends up successfully. Unexpectedly, she is betrayed by her client. Entangled in the intrigue of the owners of a powerful corporation Natla Technologies, she begins a journey full of dangers. During it, he visits, among others Egypt and Atlantis, trying to contain the intentions of the rich madmen.