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Traffic Department 2192 - MS-DOS

Traffic Department 21922.txt Traffic Department 2192 Traffic Department 2192 is a three-part shooter with a top view. As with many games back then, the first episode was released as shareware and the last two were only available for purchase. In total, the game features 59 missions to complete. History is what makes this game really stand out for its time. The action of the game takes place on the planet Seche in 2192, where there is a 25-year war between the Department of Transportation and the attacking race called the Vulture. You play as Marta Velasquez, whose father was killed by the Vultures in front of her while returning from the garrison 14 years earlier. She joined the Traffic Department to avenge her father's death, and the story begins just before a routine convoy destruction mission. Before and after each mission, you'll see a few conversations between the characters in the game to move the story forward. What starts out as a fairly simple war of tank destroyers and vultures quickly turns into a much more complex story involving betrayal from within, a third race of creatures and political factions in each race. Throughout the game, you move to different cities and even to the moon. The story is what makes you want to keep playing and it's a lifesaver for the game as the gameplay itself is rather ordinary. The gameplay is unfortunately quite basic. You use cursor keys to move your ship and space bar to shoot. You have a small number of missiles that you can fire, but they are rarely needed. The only other feature of your ship is the night vision mode which is forced in some missions and just turns the entire screen into shades of red. During the game, you can fly several different units, each with their own speed, weapons, and shield / hull strength.Your mission objectives are determined by an objective marker around your ship that points to something and indicates whether you should blow it up (red), protect it (green), or head there (blue). Unfortunately, there's no re-targeting option in Search and Destruction missions, so you may be trying to fight a few enemy ships right next to you while your Aim Mark stubbornly points to something in the far corner of the level. At least there's a full-screen map you can switch to to identify more local destinations.