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Transport Tycoon - MS-DOS

Transport Tycoon2.txt Transport Tycoon Transport Tycoon, we can play the role of the head of a company providing transport services and see for ourselves how heavy a piece of bread is. The program is based on the idea of the legendary Railroad Tycoon, but unlike it, our field of activity will not be limited only to rail transport. We start the game in 1930 with a small capital, a few not very interesting vehicles to choose from and a head full of fresh ideas. We can spend money on four different types of transport: road (buses for transporting city residents and trucks for other goods), rail, sea and air. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages, for example planes are extremely fast, but they can only carry passengers; ships, on the other hand, are terribly slow, but the amount of cargo packed into them can compensate for long transport times. The player decides which means of transport are best to use, moreover, such detailed activities as, for example, designing the route, fall on his shoulders. The game lasts equal to one hundred years, but the world does not stand still and every now and then we will be attacked with new models of locomotives or airplanes. An extensive system of statistics, charts and similar assortment will surely guarantee every enthusiast of economic entertainment a few sleepless nights. Beginning players can quickly explore the secrets of the game thanks to a well-made tutorial, while those who are not satisfied with playing with a computer opponent can try their hand at a friend using a cable connection. The game has nice, colorful graphics, with an isometric view of the board. The thing that attracts the greatest attention is the richness of the world around us. Cities are developing, new factories are built, and initially a virgin land, after several decades, becomes marked with a network of roads and tracks, full of vehicles moving independently of each other.