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Tricky Quiky Games - MS-DOS

Tricky Quiky Games2.txt Tricky Quiky Games Tricky Quicky is Nestl้'s promotional action adventure game that has been given away for free in Nesquik cereal packs. In the game a mad doctor has stolen secret recipes, you must take control of Quicky the Nesquik the rabbit to restore peace to the land. Play Sneaky Quiky Games Online! You will have to fight worms and bees in the forest world, fish and crabs in underwater cities, mummies in the desert and penguins in a winter wonderland. After each two steps you will fight the mad doctor to retrieve one lost recipe from him. Like other platformers of the time, you can collect ammo, health items, and bonus letters (forming the word NESQUIK) that take you to a secret level after each level. There are mushrooms you can use to jump higher and some hidden platforms you need to find to get all the hidden items.