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Triplane Turmoil - MS-DOS

Triplane Turmoil2.txt Triplane Turmoil The Triplane Turmoil is all about horizontally flying a three-plane fighter / bomber in a highly hypothetical (and even satirical) scenario where a WW1 style air force from England, Germany, Japan and Finland (why, of course) collide, pointlessly allied and they fought in five mission campaigns for each country and in between. You will attack and fight enemy planes, bomb ground targets, and dodge anti-aircraft and infantry fire. And as always, landing to replenish is the hardest part. Due to the simple gameplay, simple but deadly AI and the sheer difficulty of the missions, which are especially responsible for computer-controlled bombers that never miss a target, and the harsh victory conditions (usually even one of your buildings fails), the game for for one player it becomes a try-fail-try-fail puzzle, which is difficult but rewarding unless you don't have a lot of patience. Each mission should be solvable and it's just fun to play.