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Trolls Tale - MS-DOS

Trolls Tale2.txt Trolls Tale Troll's Tale is a simple adventure game for children by Sierra On-Line, which was developed in 1983 by the later founder of the Leisure Suit Larry series - Al Lowe. The game allows you to play the role of a hero who, on the orders of the mercifully reigning King Mark, begins the search for sixteen items stolen from the ruler of a fantastic land by a wicked troll. The stolen treasures include not only valuable items, such as a bag of gold or a diamond ring, but also useful items, such as a flashlight or a gift. The latter can be used when visiting certain locations and thus move the game action forward. The equipment stolen by the creature is scattered in various places throughout the land. The found items can only be taken with you when there is no troll nearby. If the thief is on the same board, first you need to get rid of him somehow, and then go back for the treasure. Troll's Tale belongs to the genre of text adventure games, but during the struggle you do not have to enter any commands from the keyboard, as is the case with other Sierra On-Line products, e.g. in the King's Quest series. The product goes on the user's hand and gives ready orders by itself, from which the right one is selected. This applies to both travel commands and commands related to the use of possessed items. The product is characterized by a poor visual setting in low resolution (CGA) and very scanty sound, consisting of only a few squeaks of PC Speaker. However, it is worth emphasizing here that each location in the game is colored with a simple illustration, which was not the norm at the beginning of the 1980s.