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Trugg - MS-DOS

Trugg2.txt Trugg This is a very clever variation of the Boulder Dash formula where you have to solve puzzles by moving around the robot and collecting items while various items block your path and must be positioned so that the path is clear. This includes, but is not limited to, breaking down piles of stone balls, strategically blasting explosives, using teleporters, and so on. If something falls on the robot or is caught in an explosion, you will have to restart the level; however, there is no time limit to solve any puzzle. The art is pre-rendered but looks nice even though weird color dithering has been applied to the sprites. The music and sound effects are pretty cool and have a futuristic vibe. In the shareware version, there are 20 levels forming a complete zone called Cyberium (unrelated to Tiberium). The fully registered game has four zones and 80 levels. Additionally, there was also a separate collection of levels for children.