Tubular Worlds - MS-DOS

Tubular Worlds2.txt Tubular Worlds Tubular Worlds is a representative of the shooter genre in which a small ship flying in one specific direction has to face an armada of alien spaceships that are trying to attack and conquer our planet. These types of productions generally do not require the use of gray cells and so is Tubular Worlds. The player will only have to demonstrate dexterity in avoiding enemy missiles, speed and efficiency in annihilating enemy ships and a bit of luck that will help to get out of even the worst oppressions. The action was divided into several worlds, which, as you might guess, define the next stages of the game. Due to the fact that the terrain is characterized by a changeable shape and the camera moves to one side all the time, you need to be careful not to hit the edge of a high rock, as it will end in a disaster. Enemy missiles are also extremely effective and can turn it into prime factors at the first contact with our vehicle. It is a pity that the energy resource that would allow taking a few shots without any consequences has not been thought of. In Tubular Worlds, the death of a pilot is very annoying - we never start where we died, we only go back. Fortunately, the player is not defenseless in the fight against the invader. After destroying some enemy ships, bonuses will appear that will increase the firepower of our weapons and allow them to move faster. Tubular Worlds audiovisual setting is made at a decent level. Changing terrains, nice animations of ships and their great variety rank the game highly in terms of aesthetics. It is a bit worse with sound, especially with music, but it can be experienced. All in all, Tubular Worlds is an interesting shooter that should please all fans of the genre. Its additional advantage is the fact that two people can take part in the struggle at the same time.