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Turbo - MS-DOS

Turbo2.txt Turbo Turbo is an arcade racing game released in 1981 by the Sega company. Designed and coded by Steve Hanawa, the game received positive reviews upon release, with praise for the challenging and realistic gameplay for its time, 3D colorful graphics with changing scenery, and an arcade cockpit cabinet replica of a racing car. It was commercially successful, ranking first on the North America's monthly Play Meter slot machine charts and ranking high on Game Machine's slot charts in Japan. The game was produced in three formats: standard vertical, cabaret / mini, and sitting environment / cockpit. All three versions feature a steering wheel, gear lever for low and high gears and an accelerator pedal. The turbo requires the player to traverse road races in different urban and rural locations, under different weather conditions and at changing times of the day. The cars in the game are similar to Formula 1 racing cars. To continue, the player must fold and pass at least 30 competing cars before the timer runs out. Some opponents drive predictably, while others suddenly veer across the road. In the first round, the player has unlimited lives; collisions with other vehicles will return the player's car to the bottom of the current screen. In subsequent rounds, the player is limited to two lives (one on the playing screen and one in reserve) and gains an extra life (up to four in reserve) for each round completed. Apart from competing drivers, the ambulance occasionally comes from behind and overtakes the player - they should be avoided as contact with them will result in loss of life; the game will end when all players have disappeared, except for the time elapsed before reaching 30 cars driven.