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Tweenies Doodles Bones - Game Boy Color

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TWEENIES DOODLES BONES is a puzzle video game developed by BBC Multimedia and published by Ubisoft for the Game Boy Color in 2001. The game is based on the popular British children's television series, Tweenies, which aired from 1999 to 2002. The show featured a group of four preschool-aged characters, Bella, Milo, Fizz, and Jake, and their daily adventures and discoveries.

In TWEENIES DOODLES BONES, players take on the role of Doodles, a fun-loving and mischievous dog who is always getting into trouble. The game takes place in the world of the Tweenies, and Doodles must explore various locations, such as the beach, the park, and the forest, in search of bones and other treasures. Along the way, players will encounter obstacles and puzzles that must be solved to progress through the game.

The game's storyline centers around the characters' efforts to create a giant bone for Doodles. The game is filled with references to the show, including familiar locations, characters, and music. The game is designed to appeal to younger audiences and features colorful graphics and easy-to-understand gameplay mechanics.


In TWEENIES DOODLES BONES, players must help Doodles navigate through various locations to find bones and other treasures. Players must solve puzzles and overcome obstacles to progress through the game. The game is split into several levels, each with its own set of challenges and objectives.

Players can interact with various characters from the show, including Bella, Milo, Fizz, and Jake, who will offer advice and hints to help players on their quest. The game also features mini-games, such as a matching game and a memory game, that can be played to earn bonuses and unlock new content.


TWEENIES DOODLES BONES is a fun and engaging puzzle game that is perfect for young players. The game's colorful graphics and easy-to-understand gameplay mechanics make it an ideal choice for fans of the Tweenies television show. With its charming characters and imaginative storyline, TWEENIES DOODLES BONES is a game that is sure to bring a smile to any child's face.

Meet the Characters of TWEENIES DOODLES BONES

TWEENIES DOODLES BONES - GAME BOY COLOR is a fun adventure game that features four lovable characters from the popular children's TV show, The Tweenies. Each character has their own unique personality and special abilities, making them an important part of the game.


Jake is a mischievous monkey who loves to play practical jokes on his friends. He is quick on his feet and can jump high to reach places that the other characters cannot. Jake's special ability is his banana boomerang, which he can throw to defeat enemies and obstacles in his path.


Bella is a sweet and caring rabbit who is always there to help her friends when they need her. She is the fastest runner in the group and can dash through levels with ease. Bella's special ability is her carrot cannon, which she can use to shoot enemies and obstacles out of her way.


Milo is a curious and adventurous dog who loves to explore new places. He is strong and can push heavy objects out of his way. Milo's special ability is his bone boomerang, which he can use to defeat enemies and activate switches.


Fizz is a creative and imaginative bird who always has new ideas for fun activities. She can fly through levels and reach high places that the other characters cannot. Fizz's special ability is her paintbrush, which she can use to draw objects that can help her friends and overcome obstacles.

Together, Jake, Bella, Milo, and Fizz make up the team of the TWEENIES DOODLES BONES game. They work together to collect bones and solve puzzles, all while facing challenges and enemies along the way. With their different abilities and personalities, each character brings something special to the game and helps make it a fun and memorable experience for players of all ages.


In TWEENIES DOODLES BONES, players must help the beloved characters Doodles and Bones navigate their way through various obstacles and avoid enemies along the way. Some of the enemies that players will encounter include:

Aside from enemies, players must also navigate through various obstacles throughout the game, including:

Players must use their skills and reflexes to overcome these obstacles and defeat the enemies in their path in order to successfully complete the game and help Doodles and Bones on their adventure.

Tips and Cheats for Tweenies Doodles Bones - Game Boy Color

Here are some tips and cheats to help you on your adventure in Tweenies Doodles Bones:

1. Collect all the bones

Throughout the game, there are a total of 10 bones to collect. Make sure you explore each level thoroughly to find them all. Once you have collected all 10 bones, you will unlock a secret bonus level!

2. Look out for hidden objects

There are various hidden objects scattered throughout the game, such as keys and switches. These objects can unlock secret areas and reveal new paths to explore.

3. Use your ink wisely

Doodles, the main character, can use his ink to attack enemies and draw bridges to cross gaps. Be sure to use your ink wisely and save it for when you really need it.

4. Experiment with different drawings

Try experimenting with different drawings to see what they can do. For example, drawing a circle can create a shield to protect you from enemies, while drawing a square can create a platform to stand on.

5. Keep an eye on your health

Make sure to keep an eye on your health meter, as taking damage from enemies or falling from a height can quickly deplete it. Look for hearts scattered throughout the levels to restore your health.

6. Save your game often

Be sure to save your progress often by using the in-game save feature. This will ensure that you don't lose your progress if you accidentally turn off your Game Boy Color or the batteries run out.

By following these tips and cheats, you can help Doodles on his quest to collect all the bones and save the day!