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Tyrian - MS-DOS

Tyrian2.txt Tyrian Tyrian is a classic two-dimensional production straight from automatons, in which we take control of a spaceship and our task is to survive the wave of enemies coming from the edge of the screen, and then defeat an extremely strong boss at the end of the stage. As the game progresses, we get access to an ever larger arsenal and discover new fragments of the presented story. Tyrian is set in the distant future in 20031.The latter was located near the territory inhabited by the lizard-like Hazudra race. One day, Trent's best friend of the breed, Buce Quesillac, was shot by surprise. A dying friend told him that the big corporation Microsol was behind this action, leading the terraforming process. There is a strong assumption that she was able to discover a priceless mineral, due to its anti-gravitational properties, called Gravitium. The Microsol Corporation intends to secretly use it in its flying units and therefore began to eliminate everyone who knew its secret. Consequently, Trent becomes her next target and decides to escape to Savara's free world. Then the actual adventure begins.During the main story mode, we take part in a number of missions taking place on different planets. After completing each stage, we get to know the next fragment of the story and go to the store, where, for the cash collected during the fight, we buy better and better equipment, including front, side and rear cannons, armor, protective shields or a battery that allows you to use more and more energy-consuming equipment at the same time. Side cannons, unlike the main ones, allow you to use, for example, powerful bombs that deal huge damage, but you can use them only a few times during the mission. In addition to the story mode, the creators also prepared a more simplified Arcade. In this case, at the start, we choose the basic equipment, and during the game we try to intercept incoming power-ups that allow us to improve the controlled machine.One of them is more maneuverable, but less durable, while the other has thick armor and a powerful gun, but moves much slower. Tyrian has a two-dimensional graphic design. We observe the entire game from a bird's eye view, moving around various planets. Each of them has a different climate and new types of enemies. During the fight, the screen is shrouded in colorful missiles coming from all sides.