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Ultimate Body Blows - MS-DOS

Ultimate Body Blows2.txt Ultimate Body Blows Ultimate Body Blows is a brawl for the Amiga CD32 and MS-DOS from 1994. It is largely a combination of Body Blows and Body Blows Galactic released in 1993 by Team17, featuring all the characters and most stages from both games, but using the HUD and menus from the first game. A compilation of the original brawl Body Blows and its sequel , available only on Amiga, "Body Blows Galactic". Every character from Body Blows is included, as well as an amazing number of new characters to choose from. The strengths of this game are wonderful animated background scenes, clear graphics and melodic music. The downside is that the characters are stiff, have limited attacks, and are difficult to control. Overall a great game, but can get boring easily if you don't come up with the controls quickly.