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Velcro Mind - MS-DOS

Velcro Mind2.txt Velcro Mind Velcro Mind is a fun and unique little free game that acts like the classic "Simon" game crossed with the classic Crystal Quest for Mac. Your goal is to slide the multi-colored Velcro on the screen to collect all floating balls and deliver them to the four hands protruding from the four sides of the screen. Velcro Mind is not as simple as it sounds. For starters, you can pick up the balls just by turning the Velcro circle so that the color of the side of the circle that touches the ball is the same as the ball. Then you need to pass the ball to your hand of the same color. The game gets harder and harder as the balls come out faster and faster, forcing you to use your mouse faster or the game is over. Overall a fun timewater that definitely offers much more gameplay.