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Virtual Pool - MS-DOS

Virtual Pool2.txt Virtual Pool Celeris Virtual Pool is a computer simulation of the game of pool. As beginners in potting the balls into the pockets, we will get to know the game from the theoretical side. The program includes short videos explaining what, how and why is happening in this sport. In the world of Virtual Pool, we compete with the most famous billiards from around the world. The title in question offers us various variations of the game, such as Eight, Nine or Straight. For less advanced players, you can choose a training session. In this case, the hints displayed on the screen will be helpful. We owe the great realism of the game to the involvement of mathematicians and physicists in the work on the project. Virtual Pool guarantees that the ball will bounce where it would have been in the real world. A detail such as rubbing the tip of the stick with a special chalk has also been refined to reduce slippage. By choosing the place where the cue ball is to be hit, we get the effect of overclocking. When getting ready to shoot, we have a number of cameras at our disposal. By changing the view settings, we will reach every nook and cranny of the table to prepare ourselves for the winning strike. If something goes wrong, we can analyze it in the rerun and find our own mistakes.