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Wacky Wheels - MS-DOS

Wacky Wheels2.txt Wacky Wheels Nothing beats competition in racing. Experience the thrill of driving past your opponent, smashing his car into a water trap and beating him with your bumper to the finish line. You won't want to end up because Wacky Wheels is too exciting: dodging obstacles, hitting opponents, throwing weapons at them, shortcuts, turning on turbo on a straight, using the handbrake to skillfully hug corners without spinning and making jumps with perfect timing so you can swim over and past your opponents with a perfect 360 spin in the air! There are three classes of tracks to race on, from novice to expert, which represent a wide range of crazy racing conditions. All tracks have special obstacles and dangers: water traps, cacti, oil stains, poles, tire piles and much more. Some tracks are surrounded by water and even lava. But what you don't expect are hedgehogs! Grab all the hedgehogs populating the tracks and throw them like baseballs at other drivers to get them out of control - giving you time to overtake them. Other weapons to collect are bombs, oil blobs, ice blocks and fireballs. From start to finish, you will feel the excitement and action at the highest level. While playing, you will grit your teeth, lean back in the corners and shout "EAT THE MAGMA!" by firing a hedgehog that sends the driver in front of you spinning in the lava!