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Warlords - MS-DOS

Warlords2.txt Warlords The first game in the Warlords series, considered by many to be the progenitor of the currently popular 3DO Heroes. It is a turn-based strategy set in the realities of the fantasy world. The action takes place in a land called Illuria, where eight opponents, the title Lords of War, fight for total domination. The player chooses which of the opponents he wants to become and the fight begins. Depending on the choice, we start in a different part of the land, which naturally involves a different initial tactic of the campaign (topography). There are eighty cities on the map. They play a superior role in the game, each of them is a defensive bastion and a financial and economic base, which is why it is the number of controlled cities that proves our strength or powerlessness. dragons, wolves, cavalry, ordinary infantry, dwarves, pegasi and many others. Admittedly, these units are the basis of the army, but the greatest strength are Heroes, heroes with special skills and extraordinary power, who can also explore various ancient ruins and use the artifacts found there. The player can freely lead the units on the map, however, he has no influence on the result of the fight (i.e. he cannot command an army in a skirmish), and its result is generated by the computer by comparing the unit coefficients, bonuses for the area they are located on and the random element . The game allows up to eight people to play on one machine. At the time of its release, i.e. in 1990, Warlords was a real revelation and a breakthrough, which naturally translated into a huge success of the game.