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Wing Commander Privateer - MS-DOS

Wing Commander Privateer2.txt Wing Commander Privateer A space simulator based on the classic Elite, set in the world of Wing Commander. We start our adventure in the Gemini sector, where, as a simple mercenary, having only a dilapidated ship, we will undertake well-paid missions. After releasing the first two parts of the Wing Commander war saga, the originator of the series, Chris Roberts, decided to introduce a bit of variety by creating Wing Commander: Privateer. The game shows the creators' fascination with ideas from Elite, another series of comic simulators, in which the player decided his own fate by traversing the endless spaces of space. This freedom of choice was transferred to the world of Wing Commander, throwing the player to the rear of the ongoing war against the Kilrathi race. We start our adventure in the Gemini sector, where, as an inexperienced mercenary and adventurer, with only a dilapidated ship, we will undertake various missions. At the beginning, these will be simple courier or search missions commissioned by private persons, but we will also receive proposals fairly quickly from those who need the support of local authorities and even the Confederation's intelligence. For completing the mission, we receive financial rewards that allow us to improve our ship or purchase a more modern machine. It is also worth investing some money to buy goods and then sell them at a profit in another solar system. Some indications regarding the need for specific goods are provided by the intercom with galactic messages available at each station. For completing some missions, instead of money, we will receive inaccessible technologies or weapons that increase the capabilities of our ship.In addition to randomly generated missions, from time to time we get tasks related to the main plot of the game, during which we will first prevent a conspiracy inside the Confederation, and finally reach the very front line in search of an artifact left by an alien civilization. Additionally, you can join two galactic guilds - merchant and mercenary guilds, gaining access to all missions offered by these factions. The environment reacts lively to our behavior. If we smuggle contraband as a smuggler or seize other people's goods as a pirate, we should expect attacks from police patrols and Confederate troops. On the other hand, eliminating pirates and helping others guarantees a high reputation. The graphics are based on the game Wing Commander II.