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Witchaven - MS-DOS

Witchaven2.txt Witchaven Witchaven is a first-person action game based on the Build engine - the same engine that was also used to produce the popular Duke Nukem 3D shooter. Unlike other programs of this type, the authors decided to implement elements characteristic of RPG production. By killing more creatures, the player gains experience points that allow him to reach higher levels (there are seven of them in total). Thanks to the development of the character, we influence the strength of Grondoval's blows, his movement speed and endurance. Reaching a high level of experience is also necessary if we want to use the available spells effectively. Spells are useful at every step, and despite their small number, they are very diverse. For example, the player can scare and force his victims to flee, attack them from a distance with fireballs, or disintegrate them with a powerful magical energy blast. There are also spells that allow you to see in the dark and fly - both make the game much easier. Of course, there were also conventional weapons. Knife, sword, bow, flail, huge ax and finally a halberd - these and other tools of doom will make it easier for you to set your way through a huge number of monsters, varied not only in terms of appearance, but also in terms of attack power. In addition to the traditional single-player battles, where we travel through the underground prepared by the authors of the program, Witchaven also allows you to struggle online, for up to sixteen people at once.