Wolfenstein 3d - MS-DOS

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Wolfenstein 3d Wolfenstein 3D is one of the most famous FPS games in the history of computer entertainment, which is a milestone in the development of three-dimensional productions. The player will play the role of William "B.J." Blazkowicz, an Allied Special Forces agent who performs the most dangerous missions in enemy territory. The main task of the commando in Wolfenstein 3D is to penetrate the castle of Hollehammer, where the Nazis, led by Dr. Schabbs, are preparing a secret project of invincible super-soldiers. As reported by the interview, it is probably about raising the dead, but since it sounds extremely unbelievable, it will have to be checked first. The game is divided into six episodes that can be played in any order. In addition to the operation "Eisenfaust" mentioned in the official story, Blazkowicz will also have to perform other tasks - the first and most important is to get out of the prison and the eponymous Wolfenstein fortress. The commando has an arsenal of four tools of extermination at his disposal: a knife (actually effective only against dogs) and three types of firearms - all using the same ammunition. You will be able to test the firepower on quite a large number of opponents, among which regular soldiers are the most common. At the end of each episode, there is a boss waiting for you to exterminate. However, they are not particularly difficult, if, of course, you use dodging. All the levels in the game are huge labyrinths in which it is easy to get lost (the lack of a map is the biggest problem here). For some doors, you will need to find a special key - silver or gold. The stage ends when you find the elevator and go down to the lower level. For fans of exploration, a large number of hidden rooms are provided, which can be discovered by "tapping" on the walls. Usually, there are treasures hidden in them (collecting them gives you points), large amounts of ammunition, or the most powerful gun.The three-dimensional engine may seem archaic today, but at a time when Wolfenstein 3D ruled almost every PC, it was an absolute revolution. The biggest drawback of the program is its monotony, mainly due to the lack of a more sophisticated architecture. All the walls are made of the same square blocks and only the textures stand out from the other. The player will not find any stairs or elevators here (except for the ending stage, of course) - he moves in the same level all the time. Nevertheless, Wolfenstein 3D is an amazingly playable product. The possibility of the unpunished extermination of the Nazis in a revolutionary environment for their time attracted almost everybody, the contemporary PeCet, to the monitor.