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Worms - MS-DOS

Worms2.txt Worms Worms is a turn-based strategy and arcade game in which two teams of the title worms face each other. The game is the debut work of the British designer Andy Davidson, which in its original version (called Total Wormage) interested representatives of Team 17. The final production debuted at the end of 1995 on PC, Amiga and PlayStation consoles, and then was transferred to a number of other hardware platforms. The gameplay mechanics in Worms were inspired by the classic Scorched Earth production, although Davidson significantly developed the concept of the game compared to the rather minimalist original. The players take control of a team of four earthworms, and their task is to defeat the opposing team by eliminating all of its members. Individual worms perform their moves alternately in turns, during which they can move around the board and attack rivals. All the fun takes place on randomly generated maps, located in several sceneries - from forest and desert to the Moon. Worms have many different weapons at their disposal, both real (e.g. a shotgun, bazooka, grenades or dynamite) and completely fictional, and often humorous (e.g. an exploding sheep or a banana bomb). In the case of some weapons, we must additionally take into account factors such as range, angle of fire, direction and strength of the wind. Various accessories, such as ropes, teleporters and burners used to dig tunnels, also help us move around the board. Worms allows you to play in single player mode - where we compete with a team led by a computer AI - but the game is the most fun only during a multiplayer game. Here, in turn, from four (i.e. one for each team) to sixteen players (then each of them directs one of the earthworms) can compete with each other.